Sex in the Driveway Drink Recipe

Sex in the Driveway Drink glass

The Sex in the Driveway Drink combines the best parts of the original Sex on the Beach cocktail and the tropical flavors of Islands like Pigeon Island and Grand Cayman. This Sex in the Driveway drink is a spin on the original Sex on the Beach cocktail. Rather than mixing cranberry juice with tonic water, this drink recipe mixes Blue Curacao with lime juice. It’s easy and quick to make too, and really tastes great. It makes a great summer cocktail party, or a fun sex party for adults.

What is base recipe for sex in the driveway ?

For the base of the sex in the driveway drink recipe, you will need cranberries, grape juice, and lime juice. Combine all of these ingredients and place them in a blender. Then, add a shot of blue Curacao (pouring the mixture into the glass before it has a chance to boil). Finally, stir in your favorite alcohol-based drinks.

For the drink itself, you will need a mix of peach juice and peach liquor (peach juice and lemon juice is fine). You can choose a mix of peach and vodka as well. Combine all of your ingredients, and then shake up the mixture. If you’re serving other types of food or drinks, you may want to add a few glasses of wine as well.

You can always spice things up

For some added flavor to your Sex in the Driveway drink, you may want to add some different types of spices. If you are having it at a summer party, then a little rum or white rum would be appropriate. However, if it is winter time, then go with something lighter such as a brandy or liqueur. Also, be sure to keep an ice pack on hand for those last-minute pops so that your guests do not wind up getting burned.

How to easily make ‘sex in the driveway’ cocktail drink

To make this Sex in the Driveway recipe, all you need is the blue Curacao (pouring the mixture into the glass before it has a chance to boil). You should also have some peaches in your refrigerator in case you do not have them in your home. Then, you just need to get the ingredients from the store. Most of the time, the ingredients for this particular drink only require you to mix some alcohol (lemon or brandy works), a little blue Curacao, and your favorite peach schnapps. The last ingredient is your blue Curacao or rum. Just pour into your glass and let the fun begin!

One easy way to add some spice to your Sex in the Driveway drink is to put the peach schnapps into a highball glass, and add some more alcohol or so called “flavor shot”. Some people even use the old-fashioned way of mashing some cherries (pow-wow!). Once you are done with your mixture, just add some paper straws, a few balloons and you’re good to go. If you prefer not to use paper straws, just be sure you have enough sponges around your house, as you never know when you may need them! Finally, be sure to play some tunes your guests will surely enjoy, and serve them lots of iced tea, lemonade or iced coffee!

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