Sex in the park – YES or NO?

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There is nothing sexier than a well-orchestrated outdoor or public sexual encounter – sex in the park. And there is no place better than a public park. In fact, I would go to great lengths to avoid a public park with sex offender around.

Public sex is always going to happen and probably will always happen

That rings true with me. Recently I was talking to an acquaintance about public places and the mindset associated with them. One of my concerns was the mentality that is associated with sex in the park. You see, when we think about public places, we often associate them with danger and the threat of sexual assault.

However, I realized it seems like the mentality surrounding public sex in parks is more about attitude than actual sex crimes. You see, there are certain public places where you can have sex and go about having sex as you please. This is a free-for-all. Wherever you look at it, sex in the park does seem to be more of an act than a crime. That rings true with me.

Public safety is number one concern with sex in the park

You see, if we want to address public safety and address the mentality associated with sex in the park then we need to be addressing the attitude associated with the sex and being in the park in the first place. Which is, don’t do it! It is a free for all. It doesn’t belong in the park. If you’re going to go there, then don’t do it there.

The real issue is that there are people who seem to get a sense of entitlement about being in the park and engaging in sex. They assume that they are above the law and don’t care if they get caught because they don’t think they’re going to be caught. However, this is a serious issue and needs to be addressed by both the community and local law enforcement agencies. Community concerns about sex offenders in parks is very valid, as is concern about those who might be pedophiles or sex offenders lurking around.

What can be done?

Well, the logical solution would be for the park district to implement strict regulations and rules. Bbout not only permitting sex in the park. But also about allowing people to use the restrooms and other public sex facilities in the park. All after hours on a Sunday and on any other day.

A good place to start would be to require everyone to use a stall at the entry to the park. If no one does, then that person should purchase a sex offender wristband from the authorities and wear it around their neck. At least they’ll have something to help them identify any sex offenders in the area. That seems to be the most popular suggestion by the Park Ranger and the local sex offender unit.

There is always unfortunate encounter, but yet…

There’s also an idea that you could “patrol” the area and watch for people walking around with sex in hand. Then you could issue tickets, fines, or warnings. By being consistent, by giving people the notice that they are being watched and that sex offenders will be caught. The Park District can reduce the number of sex offenders in the park, and thus reduce the chance of a kid getting caught by a sex offender.

Unfortunately, in some locations, public restrooms and other places where restrooms and other public facilities are located. The Park District can’t instituting such rule. It would be very costly and also create a safety concern for people walking around unsupervised in the park after hours on a Sunday evening. And anyway, most people who do get caught usually have a clean criminal record and have been to jail. So, why let sex offenders gain access to the public facilities where children and adults are allowed to go and relax? It’s probably best just to keep it safe from them anyway!

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