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There are many places to have sex in the woods but I’m sure most people would agree that the best places are with few other people. But many teenagers have also experienced awesome sex in the woods with other teens, they’re attracted to. Five years ago. Another man (this one was my hubby, but before he was my hubby).

Same sex in the woods, different view! Same waterfalls!

And it really was an excellent time, because as a gay man you get a bit more exhibitionist which always makes sex out in the wild a bit more exciting. You can tell the guys with the big tent like the ones in the ads for ‘mail order’ sex in the woods because they will almost never do anything you don’t tell them to.

What a perfect setting for sex in the woods, away from civilization, right in your own back yard. Right where no one will ever get caught. And even if they did get caught… what fun is there in telling them you were having sex in the woods? So there’s no problem.

Be careful when performing sex in the woods!

Next time you’re camping be careful to check the tent out before you set up camp so you won’t get caught with any deadly traps. Like the one you put over the fire last summer. Took us all week to shovel it out. Then the other day our dog caught something and we didn’t find out until we got to the campsite that night and by then it was too late, it had already killed him. So be careful. Here are some other tips to make sure you don’t get caught when you’re trying to have sex in the woods:

* Be very careful what you wear to have sex in the woods, especially when sleeping under the stars. We had a guy who brought a blow up mattress but I think he used it for sex instead of sleeping on it. It wasn’t hot enough and he probably burned his arm when he pushed it against the tent and woke up with a fire in his hand. But even if you’re not planning on walking around in the dark in the middle of the night with lights on, light up your tent, it’s still good practice. You might want to light up your tent before you even get to the site so you won’t have to rely on luck and the stars for a light.

Take percussions first

* If you really want to have sex in the woods, take someone with you to hold a guard. There’s no way you’ll get away without some help. Some people bring their girlfriends or wives, and others bring someone else just in case. And you can always just have oral sex to spice things up.

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